What is the worst thing that happened to you? How did you overcome it? I want to help you pull from your own life so we can make your character’s arc as rich and authentic as the changes that happen to real people. As  the spiritual teacher, Thich Naht Hanh, says “Suffering is the mud necessary to make a flower grow.” With  presence and deep listening, I want to create a welcoming space for you to create work from the deepest part of yourself. Work that will not only help bring a greater awareness about yourself but also be a compelling story for audiences. I believe in certain structures to help tell a story but I want to help you find your authentic way achieving that. The plot is simply there to put the main character in situations that will force them to overcome their flaw. Their flaw is the manifestation of a negative belief that they have about themselves or the world. Your main character can only change by forcing them into events that will cause them to suffer so much that they have no other choice but to let go of the belief that got them into those situations. What is character arc but a change in one’s beliefs?



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