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"I've only had 2 sessions with Linas but in those  hours I've learned more about my story structure, my characters and even myself as a writer than I’ve learned in other screenwriting classes I’ve been in the last two years.” - Joseph Danluck

About Linas:

Linas Phillips, a two time Sundance alum, is a director, actor, teacher and therapist in training. He is currently a third year student at California Institute of Integral Studies in the drama therapy track. Before that he has a successful career making independent films. He was a frequent collaborator of the Duplass Brothers. In 2006 he walked 1200 miles to meet Werner Herzog, documented in his film Walking To Werner. As a writer/director his other work includes, Bass Ackwards, Rainbow Time, and The Ride. As an actor Linas has appeared in Twin Peaks, Eastbound & Down, Togetherness, and Manson Family Vacation to name a few. As the “screenplay doula” Linas teaches a character-based approach to screenwriting which utilizes improv, personal storytelling, drama therapy and spiritual teachings.

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Linas talks about "Character Arc"

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About Linas: Video
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